Scorpion Tat Tattoos

The reasons people choose a scorpion tattoo vary. Some get a scorpion tat because they are a Scorpio, as it relates to zodiac sign. Others get the tattoo because a scorpion is a fierce creature, with a tough appearance. The purpose of a tattoo is usually either to represent ones personality, or to show off a neat looking tat design.Tattoos represent something about you so a tat of a scorpion will let others know you mean business. Although scorpions are "tough" looking, they also have a soft side. For instance, some girls have scorpion tattoos on their ankle, which still looks "tough" but adds a soft side to the image as well. A scorpion tat placed on an arm, shows strength. Guys will often pick a place such as an arm or leg to show they are tough. Using large tattoos is generally considered masculine because the tattoo will cover an entire muscle, instead of being hidden. A tattoo on an ankle, or stomach, is often chosen by girls to show a strong, yet delicate persona.Since scorpions often live in hot and tough areas, a scorpion tat shows a person has strength and is able to live through tough moments. The scorpion represents power and force, and proves that size does not matter.

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